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Mission Statement: To help families embrace the value of reading and building a personal collection of children's books. We affirm the belief in creating and sustaining life-long learners and thinkers. 
"It's About Caring." 
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Colin Bootman - Illustrator/Author/Fine Artist

Colin Bootman was born in Trinidad where he spent the first seven years of his life. During this time, he  was inspired by the island’s rich and diverse culture. Soon  after  moving to the United States, Mr. Bootman embraced art  as a measure  of escape  from the pressures of  adjusting to a new  environment at an early age. Mr. Bootman  cites finding his first comic book as the  life-changing experience that marked the beginning of his career as an artist. Mr. Bootman began formal training at LaGuardia High School of the Arts, which served to deepen his appreciation for other disciplines, and solidified his own passion for the visual arts.  In college, Mr. Bootman studied photography, writing, and illustration, honing his skills under  the tutelage of professional artists. Mr. Bootman was encouraged to pursue children’s  book art, as it allowed him the freedom to express himself through various media. Ultimately, the instructors at the School of Visual Arts prepared Mr. Bootman for  the challenges of working as a professional illustrator.   - For Full Bio, visit


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